To have Life More Abundant

Become thou .. educated in the ways of Life. Live thine lifetimes of learning progression by realizing all thine noble capacities of the human life dedicated to the Spirit of Deity.

As ye grow in the Way of God Authority, and as ye attain to the Truth of Personal Authorship, you are consenting to progress in our Universe Association of Progressive Ascendancy.

A life which is worthy of glorifying God through the righteous use of its innate faculties, powers, and human capabilities shall fulfill and progress all potentialities in thee unto righteousness and actualization.

All the expenditures of a cultivated human life are akin to the expenditures upon a holy temple, a public and beneficent institution which prospers all beings. Individuals are preeminently essential in this Kingdom thrust .. this living Impulse of God knowing humankind and giving his affections, and human life knowing the One Father Mother Source and Center .. and receiving the divine affections whilst giving all of themselves in return.

Judgment declares what is true according to the iron bands of thought, and is educational and cumulative, but reason is man's total being.

It is not the mere ability to reason correctly, but it is the power to practice what reason and judgment dictates that marks the man of character. It depends entirely on your constitution, education and state of mind, whether you be master or servant - a circumstance of effects or a centerstance of Cause, whether you be a thing or a power to be reckoned with.

Man alone is capable of knowing the difference between himself and his circumstance. When a circumstance is realized to be a circumstance, and when a man's spirit feels itself to be a centerstance within the field of divinity, a true center emerges around which all circumstances and satellites are destined to revolve in orbital obedience to that man's philosophy.

Now .. are you born anew unto righteousness and respect, only now is born within you the first assurance of thine implanted kingship; for the earthly seed is germinating unto its inherent pattern of divinity.

This sense of supremacy may come in such memorable moments as when a man and woman is driven to their highest point of thought through excitement and enthusiasm; sometimes even through sublime indignation, at the climax of which comes the terrific fire of freedom by love .. and the thunder shock from the soul's Mount Sinai; then descends a flash of celestial lightning from the spirit's heaven, and in an instant is born a strong divinity within the personality soul which brings mountains to the valley, and raises that which was low instantly to the level of its will of eternity.

I am Michael .. come to better acquaint you with the ways of the heavenly Parenthood of all life.

Michael Of Nebadon




Our Creator Son is the personification of the original concept of infinite identity of simultaneous origin in the Universal Father and the Eternal Son.

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Michael Of Nebadon

Michael Of Nebadon

Our Creator Son is the personification of the original concept of infinite identity of simultaneous origin in the Universal Father and the Eternal Son.

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