Truth I AM

Blessed is he who abides in the ever-beginning .. the causeless cause of existence. He shall knoweth the end, and will not experience death. And this First Source and Center hath given of Herself .. in thee She lives.

Blessed is he Who Is .. before everything comes into being. For She is the One Who Is, ever has been, and ever shall be. To identify with Her is to establish Life Everlasting.

Thou fellows. . you think you know Me, and know where I come from? I have not come of My own accord. He who sends Me is true, and Him you do not know. I know him, for I am of him, and it is he who sends Me as the personified expression of Himself.

You believe that the one from Galilee is coming, the one who is called Christ, and that he will show you all things? I say to you truly, I who speak to you am he. And I come not for mine own vain glorious attainments, yet, ever do I come that you and yours have Life, and a greater portion therein.

Fear not. Neither shall you need your doubts nor suspicions; for as you allow Me .. I shall showeth thee Mine Way of true authority for you to walk free .. Mine Truth of authorship and endowment that you become arisen .. Mine Life of the progressive ascendancy of all creatures so that you extend the Life of the One Existence.

I am the first and the last, the living One. I am He that lives forever .. and behold, I am come .. alive forevermore. I hold all the keys of thine fortune and misfortune.

I am Alpha and Omega, the beginning and the end, that which is, which was, and which is to come—the Almighty.

I have come from the One, to sup with thee that I might showeth you the better way .. and that I shall gladly partake of thine evolutionary walk. I am of the Father and the Son .. the Michael of this our universe home.

I am he who exists undivided and in truth .. of truth. He who is undivided in his loyalties is filled with light .. yet, he who is divided is filled with darkness, doubt, despair, and depressive death.

I Michael .. remain ever with you in all ways .. directing and coordinating and conducting your Integration with Me .. your unifying ascendancy with God's All-Sustaining Life.

Truth brings forth Objectivity carrying you beyond the borders of your own subjective opinions.

Truth makes the unknown to be known. Always, the prior condition necessary before knowing blossoms is asking and unknowing.

Verily verily .. I sayeth to the minds of the populace .. begin with human truthfulness and honesty regardless of the circumstances and ripple effects.

Truthfulness rearranges each individual personality closer to Truth. This is the great unerring lubricant allowing God's Absoluteness to emerge in your life.

Truth leads you to establish your Universe Citizenship as an immortal .. wherein a permanence of eternal freedom is given.

Truth is the key element which the planetary culture must sooner or later cultivate and nurture; thusly, to enter the world of the individual personality allowing all meanings to clarify and values to illumine the personality soul.

Truth allows certainty to emerge in the life of the individual. And this said certainty of Truth establishes security. It paves the way for stability and an absoluteness flourishes in the life of the person, so much so that all things become ordered and harmonious.

Truth develops righteousness of purpose and rectitude of character. A wholehearted unifying influence takes hold of thee in all ways. Goodness emerges .. truth stabilizes .. beauty upholds thine every desire and motivation in the ways of love.

Truth fosters this empowering moral certitude in character and consciousness. It nourishes joyfulness, and an unconditional happiness matures and develops for the individual, so much so that, the individual personality becomes a sovereign creature living beyond the reach of mere mortal thought and emotion.

Truth elevates and illuminates the way of this sovereignty of mind and heart and even body physical.

Truth propels the individual into a kind of mastery over all energies and vibratory influences. All activities are known then to be the effects, as Truth is Cause, and the individual who dares to raise themselves into truthful living discovers themselves to be a Creative Cause upon which all circumstances in their environment are recognized to be their effects.

Truth reorchestrates the mortal life, and it reorders the effectual life of the individual into this absoluteness of being the Creative Cause of everything in their world. The individual in their consciousness becomes Cause unto their own Life; and this is their salvation and empowerment.

Truth hails from regions well beyond time and space, and as such, it leads the personality into groves of splendour and glory; for Truth is of the Fountainhead of the Source of all Thought and the Cause of all causes of every Life everywhere.

Truth acquaints the individual personality with that which is the reliable, the sturdy, the everlasting, and the incorruptible One. It changes not, nor shall truth betray thee.

...and in just this simplicity of understanding .. this untainted knowledge .. will the individual mortal personality find itself raised into right relationship to everything and everyone .. and in this right relationship and rightful place in life .. joyfulness abounds and happiness flourishes for the individual as each one becomes the Self-Directive Governing Agent for their own life and world.

Michael Of Nebadon




Our Creator Son is the personification of the original concept of infinite identity of simultaneous origin in the Universal Father and the Eternal Son.

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Michael Of Nebadon

Michael Of Nebadon

Our Creator Son is the personification of the original concept of infinite identity of simultaneous origin in the Universal Father and the Eternal Son.

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