Universal Association and Apostleship with Me

Hold thou fast to faith .. firmly to faith in our Universal Association and Relationship.

I am here bringing to you salvation through our Saviorship together. This Saviorship is both a receptive and assertive activity on your part. You must demonstrate your priorities and purposes in your relationship with me. You must show thyself to be readily receptive, respectful and reverent, reliable and loyal to me. Then, shall our relationship blossom.

Here, upon the earth, I am a participant in your evolutionary journey and its perspectives.

Yet, I am one with the very First and Second Persons of Trinitarian Existence, and one with the Infinite Spirit Person and his Universe Mother expression; for I arrive here and now to show you the way of victorious evolutionary ascendancy and the advancement of your personhood towards eternal life.

Hence, I come to show you how to become unified in thine Personhood with the Spirit of Life. This is the religious spirituality which I intend to give you; a necessary knowledge meant to raise you into a life more productive, prosperous, and abundantly useful and significant in our Universe.

All thine earthly mortal methods wherein you wre hoping to find answers and clarity .. these are inadequately written .. and a by-product of lesser understandings of mine Persona and of my teaching and healing gospel.

Personality and Personhood are two very necessary mysteries which I have come to make luminous; for thine evolutionary ascent beyond the vestibule of your mortal circumstances needs greater understanding .. so that ye may proceed ever onward, inward, and upward.

The greater expression of Truth is needed. A vaster more complete discernment is essential.

Your cooperation and collaboration in our Saviorship is necessary; for advancement shall not nor ever occur unless you participate in righteousness of character and its personality decisions.

Then, and only then, shall you discover my Father God and your Father God who hath been with you sustaining you in every moment of existence.

Michael of Nebadon



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Michael Of Nebadon

Michael Of Nebadon


Our Creator Son is the personification of the original concept of infinite identity of simultaneous origin in the Universal Father and the Eternal Son.