Upon the Sea of Glass Amphitheatrum

Michael Of Nebadon
4 min readSep 3, 2021

Upon the Sea Of Glass Amphitheatrum Worldwide Activities

Upon the Sea of Glass Amphitheatrum Broadcasting Station of the New School of the Planetary Prince

Universe Broadcasting Amphitheatrum of the Celestial Revelators of the Urantia Papers with the 21st Century Gospel Revelations of Michael

Celestial Revelatory Commission — Michael Of Nebadon Sovereign Trust — The Celestial Revelators of Nebadon

Planetary Prince World Cultural Center of the Arts and Philosophy

The Planetary Restoration of the Dispensational Epochs of the Universe Sons in Guiding Urantia Life; the benevolent influences of the Celestial Administration appears and unfolds, the Planetary Government unifies all under one banner, the Universal Government becomes established as the planetary isolation begins to disappear; the Upon the Sea of Glass Amphitheatrum Activities are initiated.

Inauguration of the Salvington School of the New Planetary Prince in the Study, Dissemination, and Training of Teachers and Director Leaders in accordance with Michael’s Plan for the Restoration and Renewal of the Planetary Epochs of Urantia

On Urantia the plans for planetary progress and cultural advancement were well under way, proceeding most satisfactorily in advancing the world culture toward its eventual epoch of Light and Life . . .

The Sovereign of Nebadon and His Planetary Initiatives for all Urantia Kingdoms begin to . . .

Engage with His Existence…

Enter the world civilization into the righteous understanding of individual sovereign inalienable rights and endowments regarding their Universe Association and Spiritual Relationship with Michael and the Universe Mother Spirit

Extend His Existence…

Enlighten the civilization regarding the personal relationship of the Universe Mother Spirit and the Universe Father Son with each individual personality in the Universe of Nebadon.

Express His Existence…

Enlarge all conceptualizations of Deity, Divinity, and Reality, and the way to become engaged with the Great Circuitry of the One Deity.

Expand His Existence…

Experientialize and Actualize the Progressive Ascendancy of Mortal Personhood in the Way of God Authority, the Truth of Personality Authorship, and the Life of the Plan of Progressive Ascendancy in our Universe.

Emanate His Existence…

Enliven and Advance the Understandings of Truth, Love, and Eternal Vision by strengthening a comprehension of the individual’s faculties, capacities, character, powers, and personal consciousness in relationship with the Great Circuitry of God.

Experience His Existence…

Eternalize the Individual Progressive Unfolding of all Mortal Vestments of Capacity, Values of Personality Achievement, Personality Soul Virtues, Visionary Collaboration of each Individual, Verities of Authorship, and the Seventh Master Spirit Volitions of Attitudes of Ascendancy and Attributes of Ascendancy.

Eternalize His Existence in you…

Evolutionize Eternal Verities, Volitional Attitudes of Mind and Will and Personhood in order to begin the unfolding drama from the planetary levels of evolution which is as the pond of the universe into the Great Streams and Rivers, and the Ocean of Socialization and Personhood Ascendancy.

Ennoble and Develop Personality Soul Perspectives and Perceptions, and those necessary Cosmic Achievements of Personality in embodying all values, virtues, and vision of Eternity.

Enhance Spiritual Perceptions and Engraven Truth Discernment in the Acceleration of each Mortal Personality Soul towards their God Fusion and Universe Career and Fulfillment.

Expand Universal Consciousness and Mature Cosmic Awareness in the duty and allegiance with God the Supreme and His Kingdom of Heaven.

The planetary civilization and its kingdoms of life giving birth to a new age of religion — a religious spirituality of conscious reciprocal spiritual relations with the Living Intelligence Circuits of Infinite Triune Deity.

Religion based on personal spiritual relations with the Universal Father and wholly validated by the supreme authority of genuine personal experience.

The religion of Michael unifies the Fatherhood of God with the brotherhood of the sons of God. The growth of our sacred personal relationship with the Father leads directly to the spiritual civilization of the sons of the Father. There can be no higher personal and social ideal.

The religion of Michael is the religion of light and life which is realized first personally, then socially, and finally globally the kingdom in its fullness.

Michael Of Nebadon Sovereign Trust is the unifying agency which brings forth the mandates of the Michael Of Nebadon Worldwide Revelatory Commission of the Paradise Sons.

The Sovereign Trust controls, upholds, preserves, and ascends all implementations of the restorative renewal and revelation of the Planetary Epochal Evolutionary Progressive Development.

Michael Of Nebadon Planetary Initiatives
Michael Of Nebadon Worldwide Sovereign Trust



Michael Of Nebadon

Our Creator Son is the personification of the original concept of infinite identity of simultaneous origin in the Universal Father and the Eternal Son.