Values of your Eternalizing Advancement

Values can never be unchanging nor static; for always do the values of personality change, advance, and progress. The closer personality comes to living in accordance with reality .. the more empowering is its realization of true significance .. for values continually change and are intended for growth, expansion of understandings, maturing of meanings and cosmic frameworks, and the embodying of points of new reference in order to grow divine recognition and spirit insight and that regenerating perception of the real and the true.

As personality undergoes change there ensues a great risk that those changes are simply stultified and without growth, lacking the expansion of meaning and the exaltation of value. Changes .. personal inner changes become valueless without true soul development and Spirit-led growth. Potential evil is the result of change without true honorable growth; as personality remains affixed with continual changes built by merely human opinion, subjective beliefs derived from mortal viewpoints, and the unhealthy indoctrination of dogmatic living causing preconceptions to flourish and decay to set in.

Cosmic adaptation is needed .. and those preparations necessary for advancement into the higher worlds of a more endearing socialization amongst your fellows where service opportunities abound to expand Life .. to ascend in order to be amongst those personalities who understand the values of the One Parenthood of Life .. to enter our universe with the increasing value understandings of growing towards a more perfected meaningful experience of existence.

Existence must be honored, and as ye art acknowledging of our Source, only then shall experience possess those Eternity Values which elevate character and broaden the understanding of the soul's emerging vision.

Values are not to remain as merely intellectually-bound conceptual illusions; values and virtues of this ennobling momentum for living shall be reality-driven and truth derived. True values depend upon the enjoyment and pleasureful association of relationships - personality to personality relations producing actuals from out of all inherent potentialities. Values stimulate righteousness when derived from reality .. from truth .. from love and compassion and mercy. They are always both actual and potential.

Values always permit those awaiting personality developments to ripen and fructify. The fruits of Spirit always are these necessary actualizations which are birthed from out of what is and what is to be.

The association of actuals and potentials equals growth .. and results in growth for the entire personhood; and this soul emerging growth is the experiential realization of values and the expressionful actualization of virtuosities of an eternity identification and an ascendant nature.

Yet, verily do I sayeth to the wisdom seekers and the truth hungry souls .. thine truest personal growth shall bring you along the way of those circles of personality achievement in your furtherance towards progress with the Adjuster Life - Adjuster communion, Adjuster guidance, Adjuster attunement with the full commitment of the mind and the heart and thine entirety of personhood.

Thine personality progressions .. of values and virtues .. and stimulated by the urgencies of your vestments of mind and will .. these shall always produce meaningful new valuations in the ways you perceive thyself and all your relatings .. but it is relatively valueless without soul growth.

God the Supreme desires each part of himself to venture unto those truly valuable productions of human life bringing forth a growth of values, a progression unto new meanings and understandings, the realization and revelation of the experiential selfhood .. the actualization of the cosmic interrelatedness of both of these experiences so that values grow and blossom, new meanings are born, and the evolutionary advancings .. actualizations .. within the personhood come forward in preparation for thine Second Birth and well beyond even this necessary accomplishment.

The experiences of attaining to that greater God consciousness .. the discoveries of the living One in his identity nature .. and the actual spirit attainments of becoming in thine finite personhood alike to the Infinity Personhood of the Universal Person .. these shall all become the direct result of these value-producing developments.

. . . a Self-directive Governorship awakens in those individuals who decide wholeheartedly to give to the Father their cooperating concentrations and their life-producing collaboration.

Then, are ye becoming that creature something that evolves your inherent and initial gifts and endowments to go beyond mere mortality .. beyond the raw potentialities of animal and material identifications .. and transcendent to the old order of the materially-centric humanity. You have entered into the new order of the soul .. an ascendant creature of spiritual promise .. a member of that spirit-reaching humanity who strive for the fulfillment of their destiny in and of the Universal Father; for thine immortal and emerging soul is evolving from out of thine newly found values for living.

You have positioned thyselves for growth optimization .. the necessary kingdom conditions which allow advancement to occur for the individual. You have met the conditions necessary to enter into the kingdom of God the Supremacy in whom we share life together.

Michael Of Nebadon




Our Creator Son is the personification of the original concept of infinite identity of simultaneous origin in the Universal Father and the Eternal Son.

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Michael Of Nebadon

Michael Of Nebadon

Our Creator Son is the personification of the original concept of infinite identity of simultaneous origin in the Universal Father and the Eternal Son.

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