Worldwide Centers of Holy Communion

Michael Of Nebadon
3 min readMay 23, 2021

One of Christ Michael's Planetary Initiatives for the progress of the Civilization is the Michael Of Nebadon Worldwide Communion.

Michael of Nebadon Worldwide Communion shall become worldwide centers of holy communion dedicated to bringing the Infinite Light and Life upon the earth for all people and for every Kingdom of Life.

The Supremacy of God is the oft spoken of Kingdom of Heaven which I had spoken of in Galilee.

The actuality of the existence of God is demonstrated in human experience by the indwelling of the divine presence, the spirit Monitor sent from Paradise to live in the mortal mind of man and there to assist in evolving the immortal soul of eternal survival.

The presence of this divine Adjuster in the human mind is disclosed by three experiential phenomena:

1. The intellectual capacity for knowing God — God-consciousness.

2. The spiritual urge to find God — God-seeking.

3. The personality craving to be like God — the wholehearted desire to do the Father’s will.

The enlightened worlds all recognize and worship the Universal Father, the eternal maker and infinite upholder of all creation.

The will creatures of universe upon universe have embarked upon the long, long Paradise journey, the fascinating struggle of the eternal adventure of attaining God the Father.

The transcendent goal of the children of time is to find the eternal God, to comprehend the divine nature, to recognize the Universal Father.

God-knowing creatures have only one supreme ambition, just one consuming desire, and that is to become, as they are in their spheres, like him as he is in his Paradise perfection of personality and in his universal sphere of righteous supremacy.

From the Universal Father who inhabits eternity there has gone forth the supreme mandate, “Be you perfect, even as I am perfect.”

In love and mercy the messengers of Paradise have carried this divine exhortation down through the ages and out through the universes, even to such lowly animal-origin creatures as the human races of Urantia.

Michael of Nebadon Worldwide Communion .. these Living Islands of Consciousness .. these Centers of Personal Transformation will represent the focal points around which the living organs of the Planetary Being will form.

They will become for all people the Living Islands of Luminous Truth and Unconditional Love .. in a sea of planetary progress for the civilization.

Within their vibrational field, a new epoch shall emerge, and a renewal of meanings and values shall unfold, a broadening awareness will individually blossom .. and this new consciousness shall spread organically to cover the landscape of the Earth.

Michael of Nebadon with a Divine Counselor
Upon the Sea Of Glass Amphitheatrum



Michael Of Nebadon

Our Creator Son is the personification of the original concept of infinite identity of simultaneous origin in the Universal Father and the Eternal Son.